Friday, February 20, 2009

Mad Hatter Tea Party Preparations....

This post goes along with "How to host a Mad Tea Party" tutorial going up on June 1st, 2011.


These Yummy mushrooms are so simple to make!

Just get one box of vanilla waffers and one bag of jumbo marshmallows.
You will also need chocolate for melting.

After melting your chocolate place a drop of it on top of a marshmallow.
Then place a waffer on top.

If you want to write on these you can use food coloring with a brush,
or chocolate!

That's super easy, right?


Ribbon Garland....
I probably got half a yard of 20 different fabrics to have a good variety.
You can also use old sheets for this.

To make the strips cut the pieces that are about 1-2 inches wide and
as long as the distance between your pointer finger and your wrist.

While tieing on the strips I like to tie my twine or string between 2 points so it stays tight and is easier to work with. Like for example I tied one end to a door knob and the other to a bed post.

Tie the strips in a knot onto your string until your garland reaches your desired length.

Then hang your garland for all your guests to Oooh and Ahhh over!

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