Friday, January 2, 2009

Life is hard with such a photogenic baby

Haha...really, I wish you could see all Lucy's pictures that we've taken of her. I think there have been about 2,000 pictures since she was born. Its so hard for me to pick which pictures to put on this blog. 

Everyday I'm blown away but what a perfect little beauty Lucy is. I keep thinking, "There is no way she can possibly get any cuter." But then somehow she does! She's so adorable I don't think I'll ever be able to stop taking pictures of her. Everyone here thinks its so funny that I'm always telling her "Just one more!" That was my famous line as a kid because I loved having my picture taken and could pose for hours. Now though I prefer to be behind the camera letting Lucy be a little ham!

Here are her 3 month pictures. I'm so proud of these. She seemed like she was loving being in front of the camera!






Anonymous said...

She really is a beautiful baby! And you're a fabulous photographer, as well. I especially love the Christmas piano shot when you can see her reflection. Happy new year!

Mary Jason and boys said...

She keeps getting cuter!!!
I have the same problem ;)

Margaret said...

I am in love with Lucy! She's such a beautiful baby:) I love the pictures you take of her. You do such a great job!

Jacqueline and Michael said...

Yes Mary, your boys are too adorable!

Aww, thanks Margaret! Every single cute little face she makes I feel like I have to take a picture of! I'm sure you know how that is!

Thank you, anonymous! That's very sweet!

aevans said...

Gorgeous photos! WOW