Sunday, January 4, 2009

Citizen Solider

This is an incredible video! Its such a great tribute to the men and women of the National Guard. They play it before movies in a lot of theaters around here and it brings tears of pride to my eyes every time I see it. I'm so proud of my husband and all those who serve alongside him! Its such an honor to be able to serve my country as the wife of a soldier.

Oh, and you'll want to pause the music box in the margin to hear the song.


Margaret said...

I'm proud of your husband as well and all the men and women that have served:) I must be honest though, I really don't like this video, haha. Or that band... It does make me appreciate the job they all do a lot more though.

Jacqueline and Michael said...

Haha...I really don't love the band either. They aren't a favorite of mine. I never would have seen it had it not been playing before the previews at the movies! But I do like the video. I think its good for people to be reminded of the things we so easily take for granted.

Susan said...

This video is great! It grabbed Lucy's full attention when she and I watched it. It was as if she knew this is her Daddy's life and she is proud of him. And she's proud of her Mommy too for standing beside him in everything he does. This video also made Lucy's Granny even more proud of all of our military AND their spouses who keep the homefront running. Granddad and I love you all!