Friday, December 19, 2008

Why I celebrate the day...

Since Christmas is so quickly approaching I wanted to go ahead and post this great video. Its to one of my favorite Christmas songs ever. This is such a busy time of year for us, and I'm sure you all stay extremely busy too. I thrive on stressful times like these. G.I. Joe swears I take on way too much but I just can't help myself. I love the maddness of the crowds, color coordinating wrapping paper, and buying as many gifts as possible.

Its very easy for me to get caught up in doing things. But this song brings me back down to earth each year and helps me to remember WHY Christmas is truly so important. Please take a few minutes to watch this video and listen to the words of the song. Just press pause on the music box on the right side column.


Mimi aka pz5wjj said...

That was really beautiful.

Christmas takes on a whole new light when you have kids, doesn't it?

I found myself really identifying with how Mary must have felt -- and Easter -- WOW -- Mary's strength through that give you a whole new appreciation for her. And you realize she really is the Holy Mother!

Thanks for sharing!

The Chernik Family said...

I can totally relate to Mimi's comment. When I look at my beautiful baby boy and I get so choked up with love I finally understand how strong and brave Mary must have been to give birth to and raise our Savior, and how unbelievably heartwrenching to have seen him on the cross. Thank you for posting this, its beautiful.

Oh and I love your new blog page!

Margaret said...

That was beautiful:) Thanks for sharing!