Saturday, December 6, 2008

I can deal with sleep deprivation...

I really hate that anyone would have to tell a story like this and make this request, but its necessary right now. I would love it if you all would pray for Brady, a woman who lost her September '08 baby to SIDS.

I'll give you a little background on where this is coming from. I belong to a wonderful Birth Club online. Its a great place to chat with other ladies who are going to be having babies in the same month, for me that is September 08. We can all vent about the miserable parts of pregnancy together, then brag about our beautiful little ones once its all said and done. Its awesome to know that someone out there is going through similar stages and challenges that we face on a daily basis. We talk about things from "what's for dinner tonight" to "is anyone's baby teething yet?" Tonight though there was a discussion that no one wants to have, and one that no mother should have to start.

Brady's little boy passed away shortly before Thanksgiving. The reason is unclear but he died while sleeping on his mother's chest. She is a very brave woman and says that this whole tragedy has only made her want to strengthen her relationship with God even more. I can't imagine what she must be going through or how Christmas will be this year for her and her family. Please join me in praying for Brady and her family that they will continue to know the peace that only God can give in times like this. All of you mothers out there reading this, please pray. This family is living our worst nightmare.

I'm sitting here now writting this at 12:54 am. Last night I didn't hardly sleep. Lucy woke up crying more times than I can count because she's still a little out of sorts from her shots on Wednesday. I can hear her breathing in her bassinet. I can honestly say right now I am so thankful for every time she's woken me up. I should probably be sleeping now, but I'd rather just listen to her breathing for a while longer.

Thank you all so much for the prayers. I promise my next post won't be such a tear-jerker.


Susan said...

Thank you, Jacqueline, for sharing this prayer request with us. Please let Brady know that our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family during their time of grief. Sometimes we take so many things for granted, including each breath we take and our children take. Yes, losing a little bit of sleep is no comparison to what Brady has lost. II Corinthians 2 assures us that the God of all comfort will comfort her so that she in turn will be able to comfort those who will go through similar tragedies. We thank God everyday for Lucy. She is such a blessing to our family!

Margaret said...

I sat up last night listening to Riley breath too, and every time she woke up ready to be fed I got so excited.

Thanks for sharing:)

Mary Jason and boys said...

That's heart breaking. Life is so precious and sometimes we need to hear stories like that to remember.
Its baby center right?