Wednesday, December 10, 2008

George Lopez, elephants, and shrimp parmesan

During my pregnancy everyone told me "Don't worry, you'll forget everything" in regards to childbirth. Apparently they say "mom-nesia" sets in and makes you forget everything from morning sickness to the ice packs you sit on in recovery. One of my friends even told me it happens as soon as you hold your baby for the first time. Well, as G.I. Joe can tell you...I have a REALLY good memory.

I can sometimes remember the tiniest most insignificant details. For example...a couple months after G.I. Joe and I started dating I had to go back to Liberty for classes. I managed to schedule them so that I was only there Monday morning through Wednesday morning. When I came back home from my first week of classes G.I. Joe took me out on a date. I remember it exactly. I had on jeans, tan flip flops, a white t-shirt that had a green Hard Rock Cafe logo on it, and I was even wearing one of his old BDU patrol caps. He was wearing a white t-shirt, dark wash jeans, dark brown flip flops and a camo hat. We went to Pasta Luna for dinner with another couple we're friends with. Walking into PL I realized we matched each other and thought how lame that was. People probably thought we planned it that way. Haha. Anyways. PL is a family style Italian place so we split shrimp Parmesan and Alfredo. I only ate the Alfredo because to this day I can still smell that shrimp and it was just little too fishy for me. During dinner one of our teachers from high school spotted us and came over to chat. After that we went across the street to the movies and saw Red Eye. The movie wasn't even that scary but G.I. Joe decided to startle me during a quiet part and most of the theater heard my reaction! :) Yeah, he doesn't remember a lot of that. It was over 3 years ago.

When I was pregnant I had really bad morning sickness all day long. I'd lay in bed most of the day because moving too much just made it worse. At night I loved watching George Lopez reruns. He always made me laugh when I wanted to just cry. When I had Lucy I didn't have the epidural so I felt everything. My relaxation methods only took me so far which was not quite far enough. But because I felt everything and I was awake and alert I get to remember the great stuff about that day too.

There are certain things I don't want to ever forget. Like all I went through to bring Lucy into the world, her first noises, the pride and strength I felt at the end of that day, and the joy of being able to hand her to her Daddy for the first time. The pain of that day makes those special things even more miraculous. I don't ever want to forget a single part of that experience, the good or the bad.

However, last night I could not watch George Lopez without getting major morning sickness flashbacks! I could really do without those :) Can I please have some selective amnesia?


Margaret said...

I love you! And that movie Red Eye scared me, haha. I'm glad you can remember everything from the day Lucy was born:)

Haha, I remember the two days I was in labor. And although it was a bit of a drag... I'm glad I can remember it. Even the part where they cut me open!

Jacqueline and Michael said...

Aww, I love you too! Haha...yeah Red Eye was creepy. But the part he startled me on was totally not scary. The whole theater was pretty quiet so everyone heard me gasp and jump. A lot of people around us found it funny :P But not me so much!

Denis and Madison Chernik said...

Oh gosh I am so with you on having a good memory. Pregnancy was horrible! I remember every detail of my labor too. It makes me shudder to think of how it felt when they gave me the episiotomy...I could feel them cutting me with those scissors! Uggggh. But I'm so thankful I can remember everything because in the end when I look at little Easton I just think he was so worth it ALL. I guess thats truly what mommy-amnesia means: the willingness to do it all over again (now that you know what to expect) because you know the end result is so worth it.

Mary Jason and boys said...

You do have a good memory! Wow. That's awesome that you remember so many details from the day of Lucy's birth? Did you write them down in her baby book for her to read one day?
I have forgotten a lot of details. I believe I have momnesia! :) Cute blog.
The smell of Bath and Body works lime and coconut hand wash reminds me of morning sickness. I still can't use it to this day! lol