Monday, November 24, 2008

The Sweetest Sounds Ever Repeated

This kind of thing is the very reason I’m excited about this blog. On Thursday night, November 20th, Lucy did something amazing! My Dad and I had just finished giving her a bath and he had put her in my lap so I could dry her off. I wrapped her up in her towel and looked down into her sweet little face and said “I love you!” Right away she looked up into my eyes and repeated the sounds “OVE YOO!” with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen! I really thought I was just hearing things but I looked up and my Dad was just standing frozen and staring at her. I asked if it sounded like she just said “I love you” and he said he heard it too! Now, I know what you are thinking, “No way can a baby who’s not even 2 months old say ‘I love you.’” Well, you’re right. Babies repeat sounds before they talk. Talking is spontaneous, its not repeated. Even though I can’t actually say those were her first words, Lucy is so special! And quite a little genius ☺. Babies usually don’t start repeating sounds until they are 4 months old. I have a feeling that when she does start talking, it will still be earlier than the norm.

She might not know exactly what she said that night, but can you think of any sweeter sounds to repeat than “I love you?”

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