Thursday, November 20, 2008

She's actually keeping us waiting!

Lucy really wants to make a grand entrance! I am so happy to report to everyone that I've made it full term! Just last month we were told I probably wouldn't make it to 36 weeks, and now here I am...38 weeks. She kept us guessing for so long. Since June 13th I've been admitted to Labor and Delivery 3 times! The last 2 times were in August. One of those was right after a regular doctor's appointment. They decided my contractions were too close together and needed me to stay there. So we were there all day long. That was no fun at all, and by the end of the day I wanted to hug the doctor who ordered me discharged! She's a favorite of mine now Laughing. That was on a Friday and by the following Tuesday night I was back in the hospital again. They kept me overnight but since I was progressing slowly, they let me go home the next morning. That was August 20th and I was told that it wasn't likely I'd be pregnant in September. But God obviously had other plans!

So everyone thought Lucy would be an August baby. Now September is nearing an end and she seems very content to stay put. If I don't go into labor on my own before September 26th, the date of my last doctor's appointment, then my OB will set an induction date and Lucy will be here the first week of October. She is our August, September, October baby! At this point we are just looking forward to finally being able to hold her! Hopefully the next time I get on here to update it will be to make a long awaited birth announcement!

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