Thursday, November 20, 2008

Half Way There!

posted on 05/28/2008

Well, I should have gotten on here to update sooner. We did go on vacation to Disney World during the first week of May. It was a blast! The temps stayed in the 90's and it didn't rain once. This was G.I. Joe's first time going there so I had so much fun watching him get to see everything for the first time. I posted a new photo album full of pictures for everyone to look at. The day after we got back we went to our 20 week appointment! This was so special for us because it meant that we're half way there and G.I. Joe was able to go with me. We got a really indepth ultrasound and were able to see all four chambers of Little Bit's heart. The lab and my doctor kept the pictures but I so wish I could have gotten one. The ultrasound tech was amazed at how clear you could see it and my doctor said the picture was so perfect it could be in a medical textbook! We also got a cute picture of her feet, which are very long! The pictures they tried to get of her face and profile aren't so great though. We found out at that appointment that she's already turned head/face down (in the "ready to be born" position) and has dropped considerably. So, it was difficult to get a good face shot. Other than her change in position so early everything and everyone are healthy. My OB isn't worried about it right now but things could get interesting if she gets any lower. Right now I'm having all the 3rd trimester symptoms: sleepless nights, running to the bathroom every half hour, terrible heartburn...I could go on! But we are just hoping she won't get too eager to make her appearance for a while. I'm only 4 weeks away from the 3rd trimester which is good. And I only have about 14 weeks or less to go until I'm considered full term. We are so thankful for all the prayers from our friends and family! I will be going in for my 6 month appointment in a week or so and will be back on with an update then. Thanks for thinking of us today!

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