Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Meet the couple behind the stories:

~My G.I. Joe~

He loves his job, but not more than he loves "his girls." He's smarter than pretty much everyone I know and is always teaching me new things about history and how things work. He likes Starbucks coffee (thanks to my bad influence), college basketball, the New Orleans Saints, Cajun food, and classic rock. He's an amazing husband and a loving Daddy. One day he's going to design our dream house and I'm going to decorate it. He gets excited over things like Harry Potter and Transformers. He's a tough, tattooed soldier boy who loves watching the Disney channel at night with me.

~Mrs. G.I. Joe~

I love books and all things nerdy, though I'm equally obssessed with fashion. My love for reading came along later in school because I was taught sight reading instead of phonics. I still get embarrassed when anyone other than Lucy hears me read out loud. I could live at the beach and never grow tired of it. Its possible I'm the only person on earth who loves humidity. I enjoy any opportunity to be creative, whether its writing, photography, party planning, or decorating. I believe we can see art in anything, especially the little things in God's creation. The song In Christ Alone defines my life. Becoming an Army wife at 19 was one of the greatest privileges God has ever blessed me with. That, and hearing Lucy call me "Mommy."

Together we eat lots of Mexican food, laugh at Will Ferrell movies, order frappicinos, jump waves, play the "would you rather..." questions game, read books to each other, give Lucy baths at night, watch her crawl and learn to stand and walk, stifle laughter when she does goofy things in her sleep, serve God and country, and playfully bicker over which country would be the "next greatest" after the United States. We don't know what the future holds but we will hold each other throughout and that's all that matters to us.



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Anonymous said...

It's nice to see another Army wife with a sense of humor...for one reason or another I can't find too many of us! I'm looking forward to reading your blog.

The Heart of the Home said...

I found your blog today through.....Well, I am randomly browsing around on the internet today. :-)
Your blog and your story has captured me. My beloved is Army, too. Thank you for your honest words and real life insight into military life.
My heart broke upon reading how, as a new mil wife, an XO's wife laughed at you. It truly broke my heart. How I wish I could have hugged you right then and walked with you through that first long year of marriage and first long deployment.
But your honesty has you surrounded by a group of fellow military spouses that lift you up in so many ways.
As for "the others" (that crazy anonymous commentator)....Mmmm, not sure I have many words of wisdom except to say, there is that beautiful button in comments moderation called "Delete." I have had to use mine more than I care to remember. It doesn't make the hurt go away but you sure don't have to keep reading the stupid stuff.
Cyber-hugs to you and your precious family. {{{{ hugs }}}}